Roll It Gyal

If you are looking for condoms and don’t want to go to a pharmacy, you can pick one up at your favourite watering hole, club, barber shop, hairdressing salon …or even boutique.

A campaign by Population Services International (PSI) and its Caribbean affiliate, Society for Family Health (SFH), is making condoms widely available and accessible to all sexually-active people in T&T.

[Source: Laura Dowrich-Phillips in the Guardian, April 13 2006]

I’m floored.

Article continues:

Although the distribution of condoms, all brands, to non-traditional outlets has been ongoing since January, the launch unveiled a youthful, edgy media campaign involving radio and television advertisements, T-shirts with the tagline If He Won’t, Then You Don’t and the organisation’s logo and slogan Got It? Get It.

Hmm. Disagree slightly with the emphasis on the male prerogative (If He Won’t Do it – Get It Yourself!), but I’m impressed nonetheless.

I expect that by tomorrow the Righteously Religious will be proclaiming that we’re all going to hell in a hurry. Maybe. But if we die, it won’t be of AIDS.

This last bit is amusing:

…the campaign has the full support of Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

Oh really? So he’s finally realised that television is not an effective contraceptive then?