The dog died

I try. I try not to generalize about the state of Trinbagonian media, to say nothing of our “journalism.”

Why? The standard caveat – many of those I consider most worthy are journalists, writers, bloggers, reporters, television personalities, producers. But they tend to be exceptional.

They abide by tenets grammatical, orthographical, stylistic. They source, they confirm, they opine only in columns, they separate fact from fiction, they allow the reader to judge.

And indeed, they would not be guily of the following:

A starving dog that belonged to no one triggered a highway crash that killed two women yesterday.

Kazita Bhagoutie, 26, was on her way to write an examination in Chaguanas, when her car struck the dog.

Her car spun onto the opposite lane and was broad-sided by a truck.

In that truck were 61-year-old Omatie Gunness and her son Pradeep, 38.

The elderly woman was thrown out of the truck and onto the highway with the impact of the crash. She died five hours later at hospital.

Pradeep was listed last night as in critical condition.

The dog died.