What we go do?

If you pay a doubles man all of your three dollars, what do you expect in return? Two barra and some channa, maybe a lil pepper and mango chutney on d side depending on your palate. And what if you find a stone in yuh doubles, and yuh bite and crack way one of the last few good teeth in your mouth, because you never study oral hygiene too much in your life thus far. You didn’t pay for stone, yuh pay fuh doubles. Even more, you eh pay fuh no crack teeth so who going and pay tuh fix yours. You going and gansta the doublesman for the money, like if you is some PNM Councillor? Or do you take the case up with the Ministry of Works and Transport, Stones Division, because them stones find a way into your mouth of their own free will? And if you cah find nobody tuh blame, or just to take you on as a matter of fact, what do you do then? You and yuh crack teeth have to go by the dentist, and pay the smug bastard too. How you going to pay him, with your own money? So, how much really was that doubles?

Baby Marissa was a sad, sad case. The amount of political dodging and PR deflecting done would have had even Batman and Robin in awe. And with wit and satire aside, the death of this innocent should rest on all our minds. Who defends the defenseless? How is it that a government has basically left a child to die and faces no repurcussions. Is this Trinidad or Gotham? Our citizens seem to have no interest in acting and no interest in activism, thus we shall reap what we sow. A government full-up of supervillains who look upon us commoners with scorn. And we have no superhero candidates, Lawrence Duprey is way too old and ugly to be Batman, though he has the billionaire and mysterious disappearances part down. Rowley is no Robin, although some ladies may be willing to pay to see him in tights and recently he has been singing like a lark, but I seriously digress. Less than a month after the death of Marissa, who cast not a contrary vote against nor issued a contrary word about the vindictive administration, comes the announcement that the government will be leasing some 200 BMW vehicles for the Summit of the Americas. Would Batman stand for that? This is the same administration that was not flexible enough to assist in raising funds for ten month old Marissa, yet can apparently do German approved flips and enough of these flips to secure 200 BMW vehicles for lease!
No one doubts that the Summit of the Americas is indeed important, but at what cost? If this were Gotham and we had a Batman, should we not take him to task? If we had superheroes in this place they should bring the evil doers to justice, whether it be Minister of Health Jerry Narace, or his holiness Father Manning, or a clerk who forgot to make a follow-up call.

Our murder rate is currently approaching 500 persons for the year, many have asked at what cost? Marissa cost us 200 vehicles.