T&T Gov’t finally steps up on the Schengen visa issue

About damn time too.

The Express reports:

Citizens will no longer need a visa for the French overseas territories once their stay is 30 days or less.

Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon announced yesterday that following an approach by the Government, the French Government has agreed to exempt nationals of this country travelling to Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin and French Guiana from a visa requirement once their stay is for 30 days or less but does not exceed 100 days within a period of 12 months. Gopee-Scoon said the agreement would be in effect in about one week’s time with the exchange of diplomatic notes.

She also disclosed that the Government had also applied to the European Union for a waiver in the visa requirements for short trip stays in the Schengen zone which comprises 25 European countries.

Citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados and Saint Kitts & Nevis are already exempt from Schengen visa requirements.