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Stiff Upper Lip

Or, why even in spite of Blair, I back the Brits.

I quote AndrewSullivan:

A carefully drafted civil registration scheme could command support from people of all political affiliations and of none. By instinct, Tories are, rightly, wary of change – especially change based on abstract egalitarian theorising. But we accept changes that remove justified grievances, that tackle particular problems affecting people in their daily lives. So I appeal to my fellow Conservatives, inside and outside Parliament, to see the case for civil partnership. Changing the law, in this case, is not about political correctness. It is about personal decency. A law that effectively pretends gay couples don’t exist is indefensible. As we do at our best, let us accept the need for change and concentrate on the detail of a Bill to improve the lot of a sizeable minority of our fellow citizens.

That strikes me as a genuinely conservative statement. The Brits, with their usual pragmatism, will avoid the stark moral arguments of Americans – pro and con – and go about fixing an obvious legal anomaly. It seems inevitable that Britain will have gay marriage in effect by the fall. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart makes the same pragmatic step. Are we reaching a “tipping point”?

It is about personal decency

Yes. Yes. Exactly.

Living in a Kleptocracy

This bloody country – bah! bah, I say. Political apathy isn’t laziness, isn’t cowardice, it is, for me, a manifestation of the disgust and the contempt that I feel for these pseudo-politicians, these wheelers and dealers, this kleptocracy, this excuse for a democracy. Don’t talk to me of PNM or UNC or Team Unity. Don’t speak to me about Maha anyone, or Ralph whoever, or this bribe, or that airport, or that bank account. Let’s talk about not wanting to read the newspaper, because of all the reports of the murders, and the deaths, and the kidnappings and the robberies and oh look at that, another minister indicted.

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