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Bottom In De Road

Bottom in de Road: Gender and Sexuality in Calypso

It is also extremely important to note that Denise [Belfon] differentiates between offering herself to her male audience as a sexual object, and celebrating her own sexual power. “I might call a male audience member up on stage to dance with me,” she says. “What I ensure though is that he wines with me – not on me.”[20] The distinction Belfon draws between “with” and “on” reflects the complex rules, customs, and traffic regulations that surround social “wining” in Trinidad. In a party, for instance, a woman may rotate her bumsie all alone, for the sheer pleasure of doing so, or she may back up against a partner’s front (or rear) to wine together. If a man (or another woman) approaches her from behind and presses against her gyrating posterior, he or she is wining on her. This approach may or may not be welcome – and the woman may request that her suitor back off. However, he may or may not do so. Many calypsos (written and sung by men and women) address the intricate verbal and non-verbal negotiations surrounding this common situation. Belfon’s comment makes it clear that she will be the one to control the wining encounter. As Twiggy (Anne Marie Parks) explicitly states, “Doh Put Your Hands on My Property.” In other words, you can’t touch this!

Long, but a fascinating read.

Guns and Gramaxone

Based on police records from 1991-2000, the study shows that 68.2 per cent of the homicides perpetrated in Trinididad and Tobago during that period were by Afro-Trinidadians and that 79.2 per cent of the suicides were by Indo-Trinidadians.

[Source: Trinidad Express, April 23 2006]

Ooh. Softly, softly.

The study in question was conducted by one “Dr Gerard Hutchinson of the Mt Hope Psychiatric Unit.”

This is hugely interesting and massively political.

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Roll It Gyal

If you are looking for condoms and don’t want to go to a pharmacy, you can pick one up at your favourite watering hole, club, barber shop, hairdressing salon …or even boutique.

A campaign by Population Services International (PSI) and its Caribbean affiliate, Society for Family Health (SFH), is making condoms widely available and accessible to all sexually-active people in T&T.

[Source: Laura Dowrich-Phillips in the Guardian, April 13 2006]

I’m floored.

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